What to Expect from the 2017 Ford F150 Super Duty

May 20 2020

The Ford-F Series truck is improving its popularity with style, well-optioned packages and competitive pricing. This 2017 lineup offers a variety of makes and models for just about any situation or need you can think of, and they are sure to please any buyer. This article will focus on the Ford F150 Super Duty and what you can expect in regards to the best features of this vehicle. If you are in the market for a new truck that can handle just about anything, this truck is for you.

Design and Appearance 
The design of the 2017 Ford F150 is nothing short of dynamic and stylish. The body stands out as unique and different while still keeping its sleek and stylish look. The Super Duty model offers three different body types, including the regular cab, extended cab, or full crew cab. The body is made up of mostly aluminum that is composed of a very strong material to increase the durability of the truck. Also, the four-door cab allows for more space in the seating area, and the cab allows for maximum storage and hauling capacity. An added bonus is that some of the Ford-F Series models come with a fuel tank that holds up to 181.7 litres, which is a significant increase for the super duty model.

Safety Features
Safety is always a top priority among drivers, and the Ford company came through once again with the Ford F Series. The super duty includes such safety features such as a cruise control system that alerts the driver when they veer into the opposite lane, automatic brakes that are enacted if the driver gets too close to the vehicle in front of them, blind spot monitoring, and LED lighting both inside and out. As far as towing is concerned, the super duty model can haul up to 9525 kg. Additionally, the hitch system is new and improved to fit just about any setting. The six cameras on the exterior are an added bonus to help you when driving and back up, as well as LED lights on the tailgate and bed to help with loading.

Power and Engine Features
The 2017 Ford F150 has no shortage of power under the hood. The Super Duty has an optional 6.7 litre turbocharged V-8 diesel engine that packs a mean punch, not to mention it is much quieter than the title might suggest. It comes in at an even 440 horsepower and a 6-speed Ford TorqShift system. The Ford-F Series is your leading choice when it comes to horsepower and is at the top of its game in the Ford company. The ultimate in heavy duty trucks is awaiting you just around the corner!