Why the Nissan Altima was awarded the Top safety pick

December 23 2019

With three of their vehicles receiving the IIHS Top Safety Pick award, Nissan can rightly be proud of their recognized commitment to safety standards in their 2016 models. This was achieved with a "Superior" rating for front crash prevention in models equipped with optional Forward Emergency Braking. In these days of lighter manufacturing materials, faster speeds and congested roads, it is to be anticipated that accidents and collisions will occur. Accordingly, a priority for every vehicle owner and their passengers must be associated with safety aspects. Whether it is related to learning additional evasive and technical driving skills or selecting a car that offers maximum protection, it’s a question of putting safety first!

The Nissan Altima has been recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) with its award as the Top Safety Pick Plus (TSP+) when equipped with Forward Emergency Braking. Furthermore, this example of safe motorist protection scored a “Good” in all the five TSP categories. This award has given manufacturers Nissan and their three top-selling vehicles TSP and above ratings.

Advanced Warnings

The Altima boasts a significant number of safety features fitted as standard, as well as extra available safety related convenience features. These include a Predictive Forward Collision Warning system and the use of radar, to observe and track two vehicles ahead of you in the same lane.

A “Blind Spot Warning” application is fitted as standard on the Nissan Altima SV and SL grades. It operates on the principle of upon a vehicle being detected in the blind spot region; indication is given in either the driver's or passenger's door and also visually displayed. If a turn signal is activated; the indicator will flash and emit a warning chime. The Forward Emergency Braking, with the SL Tech Package, maintains an overseeing eye on your vehicle speed and its proximity to the vehicle in front. Should a potential forward collision be detected, and you fail to respond, then the brakes are activated!

High Standards

A factor that enhances this particular award for the Nissan Altima is that for the 2016 model year, standards were heightened by the IIHS. They were to the extent that to earn a “Top Safety Pick” award, a "Good" or better rating was required in all five of the crashworthiness categories. Therefore, it was mandatory for a front crash prevention system in all awards. For the IIHS "Top Safety Pick Plus" award, it is mandatory for a vehicle to earn a "Good" or above, in all five crashworthiness categories. In addition, it must also receive an "Advanced" or "Superior" rating for front crash prevention.

The proving of why the Altima was awarded the Top Safety Pick is seen in the award criteria and follows the Nissan tradition of producing quality and designer-styled vehicles. Furthermore, they are recognized for their performance, safety and financial value to the consumer. It’s an impressive achievement, particularly when taking into account this highly competitive segment of the automotive industry!