BMW 4 Series: A sleek, seductive, and aggressive vehicle.

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Luxury small car rankings typically include a BMW in some form or other, but the BMW 4 Series Coupe is one that reaches near the top of every single list. It’s among the most athletic in its class.

There is plenty to fall in love with when it comes to the BMW 4 Series Coupe. This Bimmer is an outstanding vehicle with ample power and brisk acceleration coming from all of its various engine designs. Similarly, tackling twisty roads is also a breeze in the 4 Series Coupe thanks to its sharp steering and agile handling. Both the driver and passengers are guaranteed to enjoy many active safety and technology features found in the well-appointed cabin, so keep reading to get to know this amazing car in more detail.

One Engine For Each Trim Level Guarantees A Difficult Choice

At the bottom of the range, there’s a 248-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder. One step up and you’ll be in control of a 320-horsepower turbocharged inline six-cylinder powerhouse. If performance is on your mind, the M version is right for you with 425 horsepower coming out of a twin-turbocharged six-cylinder. Lastly, if you want to go all out and opt for a performance package upgrade, you’ll be the proud owner of a whopping 444-horsepower engine. The base version does well with power for driving around town and the highway. The six-cylinder offers more high-end power and impressive acceleration, while the top-end M package is just pure lunacy on wheels with the overflowing performance to accompany it.

Tons Of Power, But Not At The Expense Of Practicality

You’ll be able to seat three passengers other than yourself in the 4 Series Coupe; the front seats are very roomy, and the same can be said for the rear seats. Staying in the 4 Series cabin is welcoming and pleasant with high-end, premium materials throughout. Build quality is something BMW always excels at and it’s no different in this case. The overall design of the cabin strikes a nice balance between modern and traditional styling, which means that it successfully combines the best of both worlds. Trunk space is remarkable even with the rear seats up. You’ll be able to comfortably store several pieces of carry-on luggage or a couple sets of golf clubs.

A Thoroughbred Athlete

Compared to a number of its class rivals, the 4 Series Coupe is significantly more athletic. Steering was designed to be sharp, which means it handles very well on winding roads. In order to alter the driving dynamics and customize it more to suit your unique driving style, you have the option of choosing between four different driving modes. The 4 Series Coupe comes with rear-wheel drive as standard, though you have the option of going with an all-wheel-drive solution as well. The brakes provide good, confidence-lifting stopping power, which means you’re able to put faith in your 4 Series Coupe and just enjoy twisty roads to the max.

Top-Ranked In Its Class With Good Reason

The BMW 4 Series Coupe is one of those cars that the manufacturer got right the first time, meaning there’s hardly any need for major redesigns on the inside or out. It is perhaps the most athletic addition to the luxury small car class; on the other hand, it doesn’t skimp on interior luxury at all. The 4 Series Coupe offers more cargo space than many of its rivals and comes complete with a number of features as standard. All in all, to invest in a BMW 4 Series Coupe means to become the owner of a car that is almost guaranteed to become a timeless classic in the near future.