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We believe precise data reduces risk.

We exist to provide data and insights that allow you to make intelligent decisions every day.

Powering the automotive industry since 1961


Black Book founded and books are sold out of a car


Entered into partnership with William Ward Publishing who licensed Black Book trademark for use in Canada, which later became the preeminent source for vehicle values in Canada


Bought by Hearst as part of United Technical Publication


Launched Black Book Express - CD product for used car valuations


First version of Web Services released


Launched our first mobile product, Palm Pilot app


First iPhone and Android apps released


Web API released


Retail Listings added


Enhanced Vehicle Matching released

Our approach is what makes us different.

Precise data + Actionable insights = Intelligent Decisions

  • Precise data comes from combining advanced capabilities of our data scientists with industry expertise of our automotive analysts
  • More data than ever from more sources than anyone else
  • Flexible solutions that provide insights to make a difference for your business

That’s why we understand the factors that go into your decision-making and the impact they can have on your business better than anyone else.