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CBB Connect

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Consider Yourself On Top of It

Leave your Black Book at the office – CBB Connect offers all of the information you’ve come to expect from CBB but powered by the latest technology, it offers so much more than books.

Daily updates and recently searched vehicles list – conveniently on your mobile device. The application brings you the familiar wholesale value information we’ve offered since 1961 along with retails values and trade-in estimates found on our consumer website.

Three search types:

  • Traditional year, make, model selection
  • Quick manual VIN entry made easy with a predictive keyboard and auto-complete
  • VIN scan that allows you to use bar codes on the car or those applied at the auction


See exactly how each adjustment affects the total price.

VIN Scanner

With our industry leading VIN scanner, just point, scan, and you’re done. Decision making has never been faster or easier.

The tool your business needs to thrive.

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We guarantee actionable insights for your business.

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The most precise, actionable data in the market from more sources than anyone else.


Our data scientists combine vast data using proven algorithms in conjunction with our car industry experts.


Solutions are built based on your business objectives to reduce the risk in your decision making process.

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