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History Adjusted Valuations

The fist to offer more precise, VIN-specific Valuations.

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Less Guessing. More Knowing.

Today, dealers must manually adjust the valuation depending on the vehicle’s history report. This manual adjustment is subjective and often leads to reduced profit with an increase in risk and losses. To offer more precise VIN-specific valuations, Black Book sources and integrates vehicle history report (VHR) data from AutoCheck®. Our analytics team analyzes millions of vehicle transactions to create a model that provides a History Adjusted Valuation based on the VHR. /span>

  • Appraise vehicles with VIN-specific
  • Increase operational efficiency by
    automating vehicle history impacts
  • Flag vehicles for additional review
  • Predict losses better with precise
    VIN-specific vehicle values
  • Improve sales conversions by precisely
    pricing vehicles for retail sale & during
Chart showing two vehicles with history adjusted valuations

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